Reform will slow pension surplus accumulation - But no real impact expected on payouts

Proposed adjustments to the decade-old pension law will make it easier for employees to gain access to the employer portion of their pension benefits, referred to as vesting, but make it harder for pension plans to generate surpluses...

Fontana turns to e-commerce for sales growth

Having wrapped up its brick-and-mortar expansion, Fontana Pharmacy has turned to the Web to grow its customer base.The company has launched an online shopping portal, allowing it to tap markets as far away as Australia ...

Cable and Wireless enters three new markets with Panama acquisition

Cable and Wireless Communications Plc (CWC) is entering three new markets and deepening its business in Panama via its acquisition of Grupo Sonitel, an IT and telecoms business.CWC, a telecoms company which operates as LIME in Jamaica and other...

Wallenford deal yet to close one year later

IT HAS been a year since Michael Lee-Chin's company took control of the assets of Wallenford Coffee Company, but the Ministry of Agriculture disclosed on Thursday that the deal is still pending closure....

Going after tax cheats

In its July 14, 2014 publication, The Gleaner reported that Ainsley Powell, commissioner general of Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), will be going after $20 billion in tax arrears owed to the State by delinquent taxpayers.The commissioner general said...

Teacher debate: Enlightened self-interest or selfishness?

WHEN THE American university, to which I applied to do my first degree, asked on its application form who outside my family had the greatest influence on my life, she got the vote.She is the beloved Mrs Madeline Reid of Top Hill Primary School in south...

10 things to know about corporate inversions

Burger King plans to become the latest American company to shift its legal address out of the United States by merging with a foreign company...

More business in brief

New Appleton ad campaign - A new Appleton campaign for the US market advertises the rum brand in a documentary style that focuses on Appleton Estate in St Elizabeth's Nassau Valley...


Marc Panton to enter finance - Dr Marc Panton has moved from the agricultural sector to financial services and is now chief operating officer for Panton Capital Holdings, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

St Kitts defends early repayment of IMF loan

A senior finance official has said the St Kitts-Nevis government did the right thing when it repaid, ahead of schedule, US$17.1 million in obligations to the Washington-based International Monetary Fund (IMF), in a push-back on critics....

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